Packing Supplies

To make sure your valuable belongings come out in good shape during your move, Cheap Brisbane Storage offers essential packing and moving supplies designed to make your packing quicker and unpacking easier. We deliver packing supplies right at your doorstep without charging any penny for home delivery. We know that for a successful removal, packing is a vital element. Only packing materials which are secure and of high quality can get keep your goods safe and prevent from damage. That's why, we offer a wide range of packing supplies including packing boxes of various sizes, tape, paper, blankets, bubble wrap and shrink wrap. We offer blankets for hire at just $50 to ensure double security of your boxes. In addition, we offer bubble wrap for $3 a meter to pack extremely fragile items. For added protection of your possessions, you can also opt for shrink wrap for just $10 for an item.

For ultimate packing solutions, Cheap Brisbane Storage is the only name you need to know to get packing materials across Brisbane. Our professional packing experts help you determine which packing materials will work best for you when you move!

We offer following packages to make you move stress free:

Based on your requirements, we offer customized packing materials wherein you can choose the number of boxes, tape and paper as your needs. For customized pack, we offer XX various size cartons @ $3.50 each XX Tape @ $4 ea. XX 5kg reams of Paper @ $15 ea.

For individuals, we offer $89 student pack, which is economical and accommodates all your stuff. This pack includes 20 cartons in various sizes with 1 tape and 1 paper.

Packing large belongings of household can be difficult but don't fret as we offer our House Pack for $336 that gives you the flexibility to pack all your large items in most of the boxes. This pack includes 70 various size cartons with 4 Tape and 5 Paper.

Carrying loads, expensive furnishings, appliances, clothes can be a daunting task. Hence, Cheap Brisbane Storage offers Apartment Pack for just $193 that caters to your apartment moving needs. This pack comprises of 40 various size cartons (recycled) 2 Tape 3 paper.

We offer free delivery for packing materials! If you are moving in Brisbane and looking for packing supplies for protection of your belongings, please give us a call on or you can also email us.