Self Storage Brisbane

Store your belongings as long as you want within the seven cubic meter boxes at our fully enclosed and clean self-storage facilities, whether it is temporary or permanent period. We allow you to lock it and keep your key to make it accessible to you anytime. Brisbane Storage also arranges prompt pick up and delivery service to move home or office belongings. You can choose to move your belongings into the facility on your own.

Catering to your self-storage requirements, we offer high quality, safe boxes to ensure maximum protection of our state-of-the-art storage units. The boxes are made of the right packing materials, which make a huge experience in packing and unpacking, in addition, ensuring your belongings remain safe and protected till the time they are stored.

In order to prevent theft incidents, storage facilities at Brisbane Storage equipped with high security 24/7 with surveillance cameras. We offer free 7 day access to your storage facility. To access storage units, you can get in touch us so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Our ongoing pest control programmes ensures that our units can withstand climate changes and keep your valuable goods away from creepy crawlers.

To maintain security at all times, our storage facilities are protected by guards round the clock. We do not give access to any facility to any unknown person without your permit. To make things easy for you, we use volume estimator tool that provides a rough guide about storage space. Choose the right unit to store your belongings and make your job easier. You can also rent storage units.

Looking for cheap Self Storage in Brisbane? Need to store a vehicle, households or business goods? Contact us via email or phone.

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